Marketing Material

This page will showcase a sample of the marketing material I have previously created for fake companies.


This is an example of a business card for a fake company called “Sweet’em”.

(Outside of brochure)

(Inside of brochure)

This is also for the fake company Sweet’em.

This is an example poster for a fake pool house.

┬áThis advertisement is supposed to be a “billboard” poster for a magazine.

The Shiba Shelter business card is a not so flashy business card following the rule of third.

The Rain Drop Designs business card is a more relaxing business card only using shades of blue to give off that effect.

A diner post utilizing the blur effect.

A poster for a farm utilizing hues between the background and the pear.

A simple colorful poster for a fake magic shop called “Wizard World”, and it follows the rule of thirds.

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